Farms & Estates Cafe & Kitchen Safety Essentials

There are a number of risks and hazards which are unique to a Farm and Estate. Employees need to be aware of the sector specific risks and be familiar with the control measures which need to be in place for a safe working environment.

Course Structure

This course is designed to provide employees with training on the specific aspects of carrying out kitchen and catering activities within a farms & estates environment, to avoid the possibility of accidents occurring.


  • Overview
  • Hazards in the Kitchen
  • Slips, Trips and Housekeeping
  • Use of Knives and Sharp-edged Equipment
  • Use of Gas Equipment
  • Use of Deep Fat Fryer
  • Use of Hazardous Equipment
  • PPE
  • Allergies and Dermatitis
  • Hazardous Substances
  • Play Areas

All of these modules contain individual assessments at the end of each module which lead towards final award of certificate.

  • Final certification

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