Covid 19 Update

Covid - 19 Update

The following information provided is the new rules set out by the different countries within the United Kingdom following the governments announcements.


·         A maximum of six people from two households can meet in public indoor spaces such as pubs, restaurants, clubhouses and cafes. (From Wednesday the 23rd of September).

·         Children under 12 from two households do not count towards the above limit.

·         A maximum of 6 people from two households can meet in outdoor spaces such as pubs, restaurants etc. (From Wednesday the 23rd of September).

·         Pubs, restaurants and all hospitality settings will be required to close at 10pm. Please note this means these places must be shut for 10pm, not last orders at 10pm. (From Friday the 25th of September).

·         Table service must be provided in all hospitality settings. (From Friday the 25th of September).

·         People should only share vehicles with members of their own, or extended household, and follow guidance when there is no alternative.

·         If you can work from home, you must continue to do so.

For Scotland these restrictions will be reviewed every 3 weeks.


·         Office workers who can work from home should do so over the winter.

·         Businesses selling food or drink (including cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants), social clubs, casinos, bowling alleys, amusement arcades, indoor leisure centres or facilities, funfairs, theme parks, adventure parks and activities, bingo halls, must be closed between 10 pm and 5am. This includes takeaways but delivery services can continue after 10pm. (From Thursday the 24th of September).

·         Table service must be given in food and drink premises. (This means no ordering at the bar.)

·         Customers eating or drinking indoors must be seated at a table in any premises. (From Thursday the 24th of September).

·         Customers in hospitality venues must wear face coverings, except when seated at a table to eat or drink. (From Thursday the 24th of September).

·         Staff in hospitality and retail are required to wear face coverings.

·         In close contact services face coverings and visors must be worn as this is required by law. (From Thursday the 24th of September).

·         Customers, taxi drivers and public transport workers must wear face coverings. (From Wednesday the 23rd of September).

·         Businesses must display the official NHS QR code poster to allow customers to ‘check-in’ at different premises using this option as an alternative to providing their contact details. (From Thursday the 24th of September).

·         Employers must not knowingly require or encourage someone who is being required to self-isolate to come to work. (From the 28th of September)

·         Businesses must remind people to wear face coverings where mandated. (From the 28th of September)

·         A wider range of leisure and entertainment venues, services provided in community centres and close contact services will be subject to the COVID Secure requirements in law and fines of up to £10,000 for repeated breaches. (From the 28th of September)

·         A maximum of 15 people are allowed to attend weddings and civil partnerships.

·         All other significant standalone life events e.g. birthday parties, christenings etc are subject to the ‘rule of six’ limits, except funerals that can take place with up to 30 people.

·         From the 28th of September, indoor sports for over 18’s is subject to the ‘rule of six’ limit. There is an exemption for indoor organised team sports for disabled people.


·         Restaurants, pubs and cafes will have to shut at 10pm every night from the 24th of September.

·         Hospitality businesses must provide table service only. This means no ordering bars etc.

·         Sales of alcohol from supermarkets and off-licenses are not allowed after 10pm.

·         Work from home if you can.

·         There can be no more than 6 people from the one household or extended households allowed in the one group within hospitality venues e.g. pubs, restaurants etc.

Northern Ireland

·         Funerals can continue to take place in line with the guidance on managing funerals and associated gatherings.

·         Marriages and civil partnerships can continue to take place. Numbers attending indoor ceremonies and post-ceremony celebrations will be determined by the venue’s risk assessment.

·         There are suggestions that Northern Ireland will be announcing the same measures as Scotland, England and Wales on the 24th of September e.g. early closing of hospitality venues and limiting party sizes.

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