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The month in numbers:

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) – Furlough

Office for National Statistics latest data on Furlough, as of 20 September:

·         9.6 million UK jobs furloughed

·         1.2 million Employers using the Furlough scheme

·         A total of £39.3 billion of claims made

HM Revenue and Customs, data up to 31 July:

·         The accommodation and food services sector had the highest furlough rate of 77%

·         Employers with 10-19 employees had the highest take up rate of the CJRS with 81% of employers furloughing at least one employee

·         Employers with 250 or more employees had a take up rate of 21%

Ministry of Justice Employment Tribunal Statistics

·         The Ministry of Justice have reported that for the period of April -June 2020, the number of single employment tribunal claims increased by 18% compared to the same period in 2019.

·         The increase is most likely caused by unemployment and changes to work conditions during Covid-19

·         The highest maximum award made in 2019/20 is in respect of disability discrimination. The award made was £266,000. The previous year, the highest award was made in respect of age discrimination of £39,000.

Employment Levels

Office for National Statistics latest data, reported October 2020 shows:

·         That there has been little change in the number of people on payroll. September employment levels compared to August, were up by 20,000

·         However, overall, since March 2020, the number of payroll employees have fallen by 673,000

·         Vacancies increased by 143,000 in the period July to September. They were previously at 343,000 for the period April to June

·         The estimated employment rate for all people was 75.6%, which was down by 0.3% on the year

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