Brexit Milestones

Brexit Milestones

As we near the end of this challenging year it is vital that business’s prepare themselves for Brexit.

As of the 1st January 2021, the UK will no longer be governed by EU laws and regulations.
Technically, the UK has left the EU already, but this transition period is in place to ensure the UK’s exit is as smooth as possible. Here are some key dates for your diary:
1 December 2021
The skilled worker route as part of the new points-based immigration system opens to applicants
31 December 2020
The free movement of people from the EU to the UK ends.
1 January 2021
The new points-based immigration system comes into effect (call 0330 332 2636 for more information if you think this may affect you)
30 June 2021
This is the deadline for EU nationals currently residing and working in the UK to apply to the EU settlement scheme to gain pre settled or settled status and can continue working in the UK.

In Addition…….

Here are some updates on the skilled worker route:

Salary Threshold for Skilled Migrant Workers

It has been announced that the salary threshold for employing skilled migrants after the Brexit transition period has been lowered. It was initally proposed as £30,000 but will be £25,600.

Skilled Occupations

The list of occupations that will be eligible under the skilled worker route has been expanding giving Employers more occupations they can recruit from outside of the UK for.

Resident labour market test

Currently when recruiting from outside of the EU, UK employers must adhere to the resident labour test to evidence that they are unable to recruit domestically from within the UK. From 1 January 2021 this test will be abolished when recruiting through the skilled worker route. According to the Home Office, it is expected that this radical change to how we currentlyu recruit from outside of the will remove at least four weeks from the end to end process of recruiting skilled workers.

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