Covid 19 Festive Season

Covid-19 Festive season advice for workplaces

To prevent the transmission of coronavirus in your workplace over the festive season please follow this additional guidance on infection prevention and control. It is important to remember that COVID-19 is not taking a holiday. The risks of infection remain. Your employer should continue to follow existing health and safety guidance and you should follow the latest guidance on keeping you, your colleagues and your loved ones safe at this time of year. To protect yourself and others at work during the festive season, you and your employer should remember:


The virus moves through points of contact so avoid sharing food, including cakes or confectionery. So do bring your own cake and coffee but don’t pass around the box of sweets. 


Parties can provide an easy route for close contact transmission when people sing and dance around together. So do consider if you could celebrate together in a safe way by holding a virtual party.

Sharing Presents

Gathering together in a group to share gifts provides a route for the virus to travel. So do consider how you could share safely, for example, consider a donation to charity, but don’t gather to share presents.


Car sharing is associated with passing on infection. So avoid car sharing but, if necessary, comply with hygiene measures and don’t drink and drive.


Handshakes and hugs are one of the easiest ways to spread the virus. So do wish each other well for the festive season but don’t kiss under the mistletoe (unless it is with someone from your household).


It may be cold outside but it is important to avoid a stale environment for the virus to linger. So do keep the fresh air flowing and don’t come together with colleagues in warm, stuffy rooms.


A clean space is a safer space. So do keep up regular, thorough cleaning and don’t give the virus chance to thrive on dirty surfaces.

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